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I’ve started practicing OPM in 2015 following pains and aches in my body that started around 2010 and got progressively worse. Visiting doctors for 4 years, MRIs and other tests in the UK and Lithuania that showed no obvious signs of any particular condition doctors eventually had to sign me off with hypermobility syndrome referring to my previous career as a dancer.  I often wondered what would they have diagnosed me with if I didn’t tell them about dancing? I have consciously rejected the new diagnosis and felt that I could get my health back on track using natural healing methods. Since I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid at the same time and after repeating the tests in Lithuania have proved them wrong I became sceptical about conventional medicine.

As pain got worse I was stressed and always worrying about the future. I’ve tried all that I could think of to make my pain go away, massages, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, chiropractic, exercise, numerous diets, energy healing, detoxification and intensive meditation practice. The pain was going away temporarily and then coming back, my brain was signaling to various parts of my body and stress was aggravating it further…

While having treatments at my local acupuncture clinic I’ve met Yan, the TCM practitioner, who has later become my good friend and part of our team. Her sessions were relieving the pain but the pain was still coming back. Life wasn’t fun anymore. I stopped running, had to reduce my exercise a lot and I wasn’t the happy person I used to be. Somehow, deep down I knew that my body was crumbling down. If you’ve ever experienced anything like this you will know how desperate and stressed it can make you feel. Having been active all my life I just couldn’t accept it! But then something had happened that introduced me to the Origin Point Medicine.

My father made this sketch for my first two-sided body warmer – it helped me replenish my inner heat energy

It was hot summer’s afternoon in London, no fresh air and no place to escape. I’ve been seeing Yan for acupuncture sessions for almost three weeks. I looked forward to my sessons with Yan even so the pain relief wasn’t long lasting… She was my last hope, of whatever hope I had left. I came to her practice on that hot summer’s afternoon and she greeted me with a big smile. She looked excited and very happy to see me, more so than before…  “Lijana, do you know anyone who has a sewing machine that I could borrow”, she asked. “Sewing machine?”, I repeated the question. I thought it was nothing to do with my sessoin but rather strange that I had purchased a new sewing machine a week ago. Was that a coincidence? I feel it was most probably orchestrated by the universe! Yan couldn’t believe it when I told her that she can have my sewing machine and the fact that I’ve just bought it. She couldn’t tell me what excatly she was going to make but she believed that it will help to relieve my pain. I was intrigued and excited at the same time and touched that Yan would actually do that for me. I rushed to my car and drove home as fast as I could. I made sure that I picked up needles, scissors, white cotton sheet and other bits and pieces that she might needed. I still had no idea what she was going to make but I felt that Yan was up to something as she seemed to be so unconventional and always full of ideas! We got to know each other quite well during my sessions as our energies felt aligned.

Two weeks later I returned from my visit to Lithuania. I was excited to see Yan and to find out more abour her idea. When I got to her practice that day she handed me something that looked like a jacket stuffed with small round pieces resembling peas. It felt quite heavy and it had no front to it! How was I suppose to wear it, besides, why was it so heavy? It almost looked incomplete… She saw confusion on my face and took her time to explain the idea behind it. She straped it around my chest and waist using strips attached and explained that once it’s heated and warn it will relieve the pain. There was only one issue… It was hot summer’s day and an idea of heat on my body was not appealing to me. I was sceptical but I thought I’d try it at night when the temperature has dropped. I was actually amazed how comforting it felt and smelled. There was something special about adzuki beans and the heat they were generating. The heat lasted for about 40 minutes, going deep into my back, relaxing muscles and relieving the pain.

I got attached to adzuki jacket right away as it was by far the best pain killer I’ve tried.  That summer Yan introduced me to the Origin Point Medicine and I instantly wanted to learn more about Dr Chang, his story and the point pressure technique called Antui. We started learning together from online videos, translating and reading OPM books, experimenting with ginger recipes and practicing Antui every week. As we got better at it, my condition also started to improve. Back then almost 90% of pressure points on my body were at 8-10 in pain intensity, some of them were so sensitive to pain and as the pain was being released using the pressure technique and soothing it with adzuki jacket I started getting hopefull about my health.

This was almost 6  years ago. Since then I have applied OPM to my friends and my clients with great results. I have completed accupressure course and got certified and I continue with OPM regularly. The healing method is holistic and it really works. Helping others heal brings me joy. I believe that the healthier we are the more we can give and share with others.

Since a loss of my father I now have to take care of my mother who was diagnosed with dementia and is now partly blind. I visit Lithuania every three months and spend as much time with her as I can while seeing clients at the same time. My clients are very impressed with the OPM and my mother’s condition has been stable for almost a year. Doctors can’t help her but I know that I can using OPM methods and techniques.

If you suffer from pain or illness, don’t suffer alone, find OPM center or a practitioner near you who can help. Maintaining your body on regular basis pays off in the long run. I am very grateful to Yan for her support and her language skills since it has enabled me to become OPM practitioner, create this website and help others.

Healthy Body = Happy Life!

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