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“The food that you eat can be the either the SAFEST FORM OF MEDICINE or the SLOWEST FORM OF POISON – Ann Wigmore.

People keep waiting for somebody to write a book that says: this is “THE DIET”. But there are too many variables for there to be such a book. It’s an insight job and in this blog post I’m sharing with you my insights about “Energy Food Diet”. This is not “The Diet” but if you are like me and you want to have NATURAL and BALANCED ENERGY then I’m sure that you’ll find this interesting.

I’ve experimented with many different diets throughout the years as I grew up seeing my mother do the same. During her career as a chef, food expert and critic, the head of chef school, nutritionist and an advocate of healthy eating and living she’s become very particular about her food.

Vegetable, mushrooms, fruit and berries were an important part of our diet, either organically grown in our garden or sourced from trusted local farmers. My father who was a chemical engineer would inspect every label on produce he bought ensuring there were no cancerogenic materials and as little additives as possible.

Since I came to England at the age of 19 I lost track of healthy eating as I was too busy with my studies, work and social life and with little time to cook I mostly relied on nonorganic fast food. I love cooking so preparing a meal on weekends was a luxury for me.

Each time I went back to Lithuania to visit my parents I was reminded of healthy eating habits and eventually, I’ve started paying more attention to food I buy in England. I looked forward going home as I felt energized, healthier and happier in just over a week. I couldn’t deny the fact that my diet in England had to change.

I read many books and tried many diets. Most of them didn’t stick but I borrowed ideas from various nutritionists and dietitians and created my own diet based on energy.

I do my best to follow it 90% of the time. I’m only human so if I want that 70% cocoa chocolate I’d treat myself once in a while but with time it has become very rare. Now I can calmly pass by a stand with beautifully decorated cakes whereby before a dessert or a naughty snack would always end up in my shopping basket.

During the last three years, I have introduced new ingredients to my diet and eliminated those that didn’t serve me anymore. Bear in mind it’s not a switch that I just flipped and my eating habits changed overnight, week, month or even a year, it was a slow three year process that required discipline and control. I knew that many quick diets’ tricks don’t work so I took it step by step making gradual changes and integrating them into my daily life.

Slow Energy Release

Since everything is energy, how can we have more of it throughout the day?
I achieve that by focusing on foods that provide slow energy release. I’ve reduced and then eliminated carbohydrates and increased protein-rich food intake.
I added more eggs, seafood, lean beef, broccoli and almonds and removed pasta, bread, potatoes, pastes and multigrain.
My diet includes fish and meat as having been vegetarian for 8 years in the past I missed the variety and natural minerals and vitamins that meat and fish can provide.

Artificial Energy Boosters

Food is the main source of energy and in order to find my natural energy balance I’ve eliminated all artificial energy boosters from my diet such as cold sugary and energy drinks, coffee, tea (except herbal), sugar, desserts and most fruit. I’ve added green juice but take it mixed with warm water, never cold as it depletes energy.
I know it might sound boring as we’ve been programmed since childhood to have treats but trust me that’s just programming that can be changed.

My friend Lily tells me how upset she’s that each time a child in her daughter’s class has a birthday, parents must bring a cake. She says that last week alone there were four birthdays hence her daughter had cakes at school four times in just one week skipping lunches at home as she wasn’t hungry. That’s a perfect example of wrong conditioning and shouldn’t be encouraged at schools.

Cold/Cool Nature Foods

Cold food doesn’t mean cold in temperature, it means it’s cold in nature. I’ve adapted Dr Chang’s principles from Cold & Hot Food table, click here to download it.
I used to have raw salad but not anymore, I deep fry my vegetables now to ensure that my energy is not depleted. I say NO to pickled vegetables, rice, yogurt, milk, raw water and all cold drinks.

Hot/Warm Nature Foods

I love spicy food. It replenishes my energy and keeps me strong throughout the day.
Adding more spices, cumin, cinnamon, mustard, cloves, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, fried dried fruit, chestnut, peanuts, melon seeds, cashew nuts to my diet has made it more exciting.

Ginger Tea

I drink ginger tea every day, it’s an excellent energy boost. In addition to ginger and dates, I add some cinnamon, cloves, and cumin to taste, all of which have many health benefits. Dr Chang explains about contributing factors in his book hence hot and warm diet is the contributing factor to good health and high energy.
When feeling unwell it’s especially important to observe hot/warm diet as your energy resources are being used during body’s healing and recovery process so topping your energy up with right foods will speed up your recovery.

I suggest you try the “Energy Diet” for a week and observe your natural energy levels as well as cravings.

  • Preparing food with love infuses it with positive frequency vibrations
  • Choosing foods by colour and listening to what your body is asking for ensures it gets what it needs.
  • Eating in smaller portions and at least three hours before sleep will keep your waist lines slim and you will have no problems feeling fresh in the morning.
  • A glass of warm water before sleep and after waking up will prepare your stomach lining for nutritious meals during the day.

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Healthy Diet – Healthy Body – Happy Life! 

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