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In this month’s blog post I want to share with you the formula that I’ve created to help raise my energy levels and to keep them balanced, especially when going through difficult times or struggling with health issues.

Everything is energy at the most fundamental levels and energy is information in its purest form. In order to lead a healthy and happy life and to achieve our goals, we need a lot of energy.

“The Energy Balance Pyramid” consists of 7 steps, each playing an important role in achieving the perfect energy balance. From my experience when it’s used alongside the Origin Point Therapy it speeds up healing and recovery process considerably.

In his lectures Dr Chang also teaches his students about the importance of balanced life and how to achieve it. I encourage you to download “The Energy Balance Pyramid” here, print it and place it in your home and work place where you can clearly see it while going about your day. I will write a separate blog post about each step of the pyramid in the upcoming months sharing my ideas with you.

Be determined to follow through all the steps but at the same time be kind to yourself and listen to feedback from your body. Each step should be relevant to you and your lifestyle so I suggest creating what works for you taking the following factors into account:

  • Your age
  • Your physical ability
  • Your working hours
  • Your family commitments
  • Time for yourself
  • Your hobbies

Your Energy Plan For Tomorrow

Start thinking about your energy for the next day the night before. Try this exercise first thing in the morning:

Sit comfortably and imagine what colour is your energy?
Close your eyes and simply ask, you’ll be able to visualise it or feel it. The brighter the colours the better.

What frequency is it?
Does your body feel sluggish or tired, or does it feel light?

How do YOU feel?
Do you feel positive and enthusiastic about the day ahead or struggling to get out of bed, feeling sleepy and maybe even grumpy?

There are a number of factors that affect your energy levels in the morning:

  • your emotional state before going to bed
  • the time you had your dinner
  • what you had for dinner
  • the time you fell asleep
  • the type of your dreams (if you dream)
  • what time you woke up
  • how many hours of sleep you had
  • the quality of your sleep

Without going into detail as I’ll write a separate article about it let’s assume that you know and follow the rules and in the morning you feel uplifted, energized and positive about the day ahead.

Your next task is then to complete each step of the pyramid as you go about your day in order to reach Yin Yang – the state of balance. This includes exercising, eating nutritious food, resting and setting goals for each day.  Your goal could be to simply follow through the steps of the Pyramid. Last week I gave the pyramid to my friend and she committed to following through the steps. When we met again after a week she reported having loads of energy, achieving all the tasks and the issues she had were gone!

Environmental pollution, Illness, stress, working overtime and negative people deplete our energy resources. Poor sleep, lack of rest and exercise add to tiredness. It can then lead to exhaustion and eventually manifest into an illness.

During illness, your body’s energy consumption increases considerably.
Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology states:
“When body’s temperature is raised, metabolic processes generally accelerate, and the metabolic rate rises about 14% for each degree Celsius of elevation.”

Recovery from illness can be a long process and energy balance restoration can take even longer. Your daily goal should always be to keep your energy levels balanced. As soon as you feel you are tired or out of balance, check what part of the pyramid you’ve neglected and take immediate remedial action. I invite you to be creative with your pyramid and start putting it into action for a healthy, happy and energized you!

Lijana Skottowe

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