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Feeling Stressed, Tired, in Pain? Want a Fresh Start?

Origin Point Medicine is Here to Help You…

Almost all illnesses, diseases & disorders can be eliminated by anyone of us
if we take some time to learn and apply OPM principles & techniques.


  • of dying in pain from getting cancer?
  • of loosing your dignity growing old with dementia or Parkinson’s disease?
  • of heart attack, stroke, arthritis, AIDS, diabetes, abnormal blood pressure and many other ‘incurable’ diseases?


  • understand the origination and causes of diseases, illnesses & disorders
  • strengthen your body’s healing power by increasing heat-energy supply
  • apply deep pressure massage to relax tension/injury at the Origin Points
Facebook Discussion Group

With more than 14,000 members and a number of facilitators the Origin Point Medicine in English FaceBook Group is very popular. Here you will be informed whenever new healing cases and articles are published and your questions will be answered. Learn from people who are practicing OPM daily and willingly sharing their experience and knowledge.  Click on the image to join the group.

What People Are Saying

I’ve been able to walk for the first time without a cane, in three years. I’m very glad that I’ve received treatments in Origin Point Healing. Thank you!

Dr. Susan Wei Parkinson’s Disease: Tremors & Muscular Spasm

I am grateful to everyone in the Foundation for their loving kindness & relentless effort in helping the sick.  I will continue to strive to thank you.

Ms Cheng, Taipei 40 years of Arm paralysis, Knee flexion pain and more

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