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Dr Chang contributes his great medical discoveries to the world freely and unreservedly through his C.C.H. Medical Foundation. His free lectures and clinics have benefited many people throughout the world. He inspired many ‘students’ who, having gone through the patient-turned-healer process, voluntarily contribute their time, skills and money to propagate the knowledge and perform effective treatments.

This website promoting Origin Point Medicine in English is our way of participating in Dr Chang’s medical revolution.


To raise awareness & promote learning of Origin Point Medicine in English-speaking communities.

To translate into English a selected series of youtube video lectures that Dr Chang had presented in Chinese. By watching and learning directly from Dr Chang, the authenticity and accuracy of OPM’s theory and practice will be preserved.


To practice/treat patients using Origin Point Medicine

To reach out to local communities, offer information, treatment & guidance on Origin Point principles & practice to those who are suffering due to illnesses, diseases or ineffective treatments. When there is sufficient number of OPM learners/volunteers, formal clinical sessions can be scheduled to treat patients on a regular and systematic basis.

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