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Part 2 | Part 3

This YouTube video transcription is Dr Chang’s story where he shares with us about the Origin Point Medicine, or OPM, which is a modality of health care that heals bodily injury by pressing and rubbing certain pain points.

Although a few people at the time of his speech heard of OPM, interest in it around the world continues to grow, as people seek ways to live healthier and happier lives. He shares with us why he did the research and development of “The Origin Point”.

Since it’s a very long story and we didn’t want to omit any important detail, we have divided it into three blog posts.

The story starts with his wife

Dr Chang is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. He has over 20 years of experience and it was common that TCM practitioners like him tend to open small clinics. In the beginning, patients came to see him for nothing more than simple colds, GI issues or nasal allergies in children. His life was just like this, nothing really exciting and he thought that people with major medical illnesses, such as strokes, would not find him. People who have stroke would be sent to a hospital, cancer patients would not come to his small clinic to see him. So he was happy to live like that every day.

Until one day, his wife found out that she had cancer. This was a shock to him and it challenged his mind. He was thinking whether he had the ability to help his wife to treat such a serious illness. At that time he felt he had no confidence in doing so. He thought about it for a long time and that Western medicine had become so advanced and they have done so many years of research in this field that it should be the right thing to trust in Western medicine. So after a discussion with his wife, they both agreed to see a well known western medicine specialist.

After reading his wife’s case, the specialist told them that breast cancer is actually found once in every four individuals, which is very common, and that his wife had stage 2B breast cancer and that they should hurry up to do the surgery. He said there was hope that it would be cured and, generally speaking, breast cancer patients can still live for many years after the surgery.

The surgery date was arranged. During this time Dr Chang started collecting information about cancer and began reading about it in western medicine books. After reading though, he started having some questions. You might ask why? He saw some reports about people having cancer metastasis a couple of years after the surgery. Of course, there were also successful cases of people who lived relatively longer. Still, he was worried…

After the surgery Dr Chang asked his wife’s doctor, who was the attending physician, whether her cancer had any chance of local recurrence. The doctor assured him quite clearly that he had performed this surgery on over 1000 people and none of them had cancer reoccurring locally. So he told Dr Chang not to worry. The next day Dr Chang still didn’t feel any sense of security. He was afraid because his wife had a local excision. He was afraid the cancer had not been removed completely and that it might metastasise. Only one missed cancer cell is all it takes for such thing to happen.

The following day he continued to ask this western doctor if it was really true that the cancer wouldn’t come back. He remembers doctor telling him firmly: “I am sure it won’t. You don’t have to worry too much about it. I’ve done more than 1000 of these surgeries and have never failed, nor have I heard of local recurrence”. In this situation, they had to fully trust him.

After Dr Chang’s wife was discharged from the hospital, the nature of his days changed completely. Every morning, at almost five o’clock (well before dawn) he was getting to go hiking with his wife. After hiking, he was going back to work at his clinic. Their diet started to change as well. They were buying everything organic which was more expensive to ensure that there were no toxins in her food. Even if it was four or five times more expensive than the market price, they didn’t care. Every day felt like a battle, trying to change things and to heal her body.

Six Months Later

Six months went by but his wife’s surgery wound wouldn’t heal.

She started feeling pain in her back and no matter how Dr Chang tried to massage it she didn’t feel any better. Finally, he had to look for a solution. So they went back to see the western doctor again.

The western doctor examined his wife and told him: “This is the local recurrence”, and then he gave her further examination and found that her cancer had distant metastasis, it had spread from her bones to her pelvis, close to the ilium. Some places even appeared to be pitted with mini potholes.

How had this shifted so fast within a year? Dr Chang couldn’t accept that. And other physicians told them that as long as it is distant metastasis, there is absolutely no chance to survive. They were told that if they chose chemotherapy she may live for one to two years longer but if not, there was only six months left to live.

They were both in shock, they just couldn’t accept that. Again they went back to see the doctor who performed the surgery on his wife and asked him what was going on. He had a look and said that there were only one or two patients who had local recurrence after the surgery and that his wife was one of them.

Dr Chang was very upset to hear that. He asked why was it so accurate that his wife was one of two patients? He certainly couldn’t accept doctor’s words and had doubts about western medicine statistics.

At the beginning, surgery gave them hope, but now it shattered it in less than a year. Dr Chang also started to change his views about Western medicine.

If Western medicine couldn’t save his wife’s life, maybe it was time to find out how Chinese medicine could help. Being chinese medicine practitioner himself he thought he would find the ways to help. So he started talking to people and collecting books from the mainland of China. He was asking people to buy books for him to read, as long as they were related to cancer treatment using Traditional Chinese medicine.

He told his wife:
“- western medicine doctors said that you certainly cannot survive, but I will try everything in my power to help you.”

Part 2 | Part 3

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