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Vineta Vaza is an ambitious 42 year old lady who wants to be healthy. She had 9 OPT treatments with Lijana so far to resolve the following issues:

The trouble with hunger control

Vinetta experienced severe stomach aches and headaches when she didn’t eat on a regular basis. She traveled often and had to make sure that she had snacks with her at all times or she would be nauseous. This issue was extremely inconvenient and painful, especially when she experienced delays returning home. Too often, when she was delayed, she would satisfy her hunger with junk food. Weight control was also an issue. After three treatment sessions with Lijana, Vinetta was able to control her hunger without experiencing any side effects.

Knee Pain

Vineta also experienced pain in both of her knees for over four years. She was not able to run, sit in lotus position or kneel. Vineta’s knee pain was resolved after her first treatment session, though knees’ OPs continued to be sensitive for another six sessions at 5/10. Now, Vineta can easily run, bend her knees and sit in lotus position without pain. She seems to have forgotten that she had ever had pain!

During the treatments Lijana applied mild to moderate pressure on her sacrum and knee OPs and warmed both areas using the heat bag.

Pain in right thumb

Vineta also experienced intense pain in her right thumb for over a year. It took three sessions for the pain to reduce from sharp to mild. It could be that her profession as a massage therapist didn’t allow enough time for the issue to resolve before it was aggravated further. However, the pain has been entirely gone after two further sessions.

Lijana applied mild to moderate pressure on her thumb and elbows OPs.


Vineta has been having mild to severe headaches and an occasional migraine for the last 25 years. The intensity levels appear to have been stress-related. Since her second treatment session, her headaches have been entirely gone. They reappeared after the fifth session due to extreme stress at that time. By applying moderate pressure to the head OPs, her headaches have disappeared again and she was advised to keep stress levels under control.

Skin Discoloration 

Vineta noticed that the two large skin discoloration patches she had on her thighs for many years have started changing colour, from red to brown and to light brown. She is excited that they are in progress of disappearing altogether.


Vineta also reported that the cravings she used to have for an occasional alcoholic drink have gone and she has become more in tune with signals in her body. Her energy levels have improved due to ginger tea intake and she is even more optimistic about further improving her health than she has ever been before.

Being a professional masseur herself she tried many holistic treatments during the years but this is the first time that she has tried OPT and introduced a ginger drink to her diet and she is very impressed with the results.

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