Coverage 1

Heel (rear-segment of sole)

Heel pain (posterior plantar pain)


Antui on origin point at the rear-segment and above the inner ankle, followed by heat therapy.

Reference: Only a handful of patients have complications caused by outer-ankle bone problems.

Coverage 2

Foot pain (the instep, inner and outer instep pain) and pain in the middle part of the sole.


Antui on origin point located in the anterior and lower margin of the pain-side around the bottom-front region of the ankle.


For disorders presenting with “cold” symptoms appearing on foot (such as eczema, plantar hidrosis, skin fissure, fungus infection, gout, arthritis and so on), antui on origin pain point and treat with a heat source pack.

(The above ‘Coverage’, ‘Treatment’ & ‘Note’ are taken from the ‘Origin-Point Therapy English Handbook 2015 version).