Head-OPs : further divided into 2 regions:

  1. Behind Earlobe OP
  2. Occipital OP


The entire head.

  • Headache, migraine and dizziness
  • Eyelid twitching, eye pain, protruding eyeballs, sore eyes, and facial distortion
  • Inarticulate speech, painful bite and numbness, pain and burning feeling on the tongue
  • Tic douloureux and facial palsy
  • Acute deafness and tinnitus
  • Cervical vertebrae pain (when still)


Antui on origin points located between bones near earlobe, also along and below the lower edge at the back of skull (occipital bone), followed by heat therapy (warm dressing).


Other illnesses of the head presenting with “cold” symptoms (common cold, fever, insomnia, dementia, nasal allergies, acne, brain tumors, mouth cancer, and nasopharyngeal cancer) should be treated by applying heat source pack on the origin pain points.

(The above ‘Coverage’, ‘Treatment’ & ‘Note’ are taken from the ‘Origin-Point Therapy English Handbook 2015 version’).

Video with english subtitles