From the lower back to the highest point of sacrum Origin Points.

  • Hypochondriac pain and lower back pain (lumbar vertebrae pain, circumferential waist pain, or side pain)
  • Hips (buttock) and lateral hips pain (upper margin ilium pain, sacrum pain, or greater trochanter pain)


Antui on origin points located at the lower back, one finger width adjacent to both sides of the spine, followed by heat therapy (warm dressing).


Other diseases presenting with “cold” symptoms appearing in the abdomen (such as stomach pain, abdominal distention, diarrhea, constipation, liver cancer, stomach cancer, pancreas cancer and so on), should be treated by a heat source pack on the origin pain point.

(The above ‘Coverage’, ‘Treatment’ & ‘Note’ are taken from the ‘Origin-Point Therapy English Handbook 2015 version).