The lower hip (from the highest point of sacrum Origin Point to hip stripes) and front of lower abdomen.

Pubic, pudendum, and coccyx pain.


Antui origin points that are located at two fingers width adjacent to the center of the sacrum, followed by heat therapy.


For all disorders presenting with “cold” symptoms appearing in the hypogastric region (pain and distension of hypogastrium and lower abdomen, frequent urination, oliguria, painful urination, abnormal menstruation, menalgia, myoma, leukorrhea, coleitis, lower back, lower abdomen and lower limb prurigo, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, large-bowel cancer, and so forth), treatment is to manipulate the origin pain point on the waist (lower back OPs) and hip (sacral OPs), and treat with a heat source pack on the origin pain point.

(The above ‘Coverage’, ‘Treatment’ & ‘Note’ are taken from the ‘Origin-Point Therapy English Handbook 2015 version).