The peak and front of shoulder, armpit, side of chest, upper-arm to upper-side of elbow bone.

Shoulder girdle pain (superior or anterior shoulder pain), upper arm pain, armpit (axilla) pain and lateral chest pain.


Antui the shoulder blade origin point located below and on the scapular/shoulder blade, followed by heat therapy (warm dressing).

Special points: antui on special points along the inner side of shoulder blade can enhance the effectiveness of Upper-back OP and Shoulder OP.


If shoulder pain (trapezius muscle above superior angle of scapula) or posterior shoulder (scapula) pain occurs, combined with shoulder girdle and shoulder-upper arm pain, the patient should be manipulated by the cervical spine or upper thoracic spine, before treating the origin pain point on the infraspinatus muscles on the shoulder blade.

(The above ‘Coverage’, ‘Treatment’ & ‘Note’ are taken from the ‘Origin-Point Therapy English Handbook 2015 version).