Adverse/Acute Reactions Of Painful Massage & Counter Measures

Adverse reactions (patient having difficulty in breathing, blurred vision, dizzy, irregular heart beat, chest pain, numbness or shiver) sometimes happen to a patient receiving painful stimulus such as acupuncture, foot-reflexology or origin point massage.

These acute reactions occur when a patient has an existing tension/injury at the corresponding origin pain points but the Origin-Point-Injury or low bodily heat-energy is not severe enough (but bordering the threshold) to cause a symptom:

  • back of head OPs – blurred vision, dizziness, feeling like fainting, etc
  • upper back OPs – difficulty in breathing, irregular heart beat
  • heart pain, chest pain, feel like vomitting, etc
  • heat-energy-deficient – numbness in any or all parts of the body, shivers, feeling cold, etc

The ache or pain when massaging another part of the body causes the existing tension/injury to tighten further, crossing the threshold for the Origin-Point-Injury to manifest the symptoms of illness.

* Not understanding the ’cause’ of the acute reactions upon painful stimulus of a weak patient, and the counter measures, can sometimes lead to severe consequence or even fatality. In previous cases where the acupunturist or massage practitioner send for the ambulance, the patients could not survive the forceful CPR performed on the heart and lung.

Acute Reactions – Counter Measures:

All OPM learners/practitioners must familiarize themself with the counter measures to handle adverse reactions upon painful massage. Be alert & sensitive when treating the elderly & those severely sick patients.