Don’t touch, manipulate or massage body’s location where the pain/symptom is located.

The symptom’s site is usually not the ‘source’ location that causes the problem. The source or ‘origin’ of the symptom is usually located ‘elsewhere’ in the body. See the Chart of Origin Point Location & Treatment Coverage.

The high failure rate of CPR: when a person collapses because of heart attack, CPR applies pressure on the symptom site (the chest/heart region), depleting a lot of the body’s heat-energy to counter the external forces applied on the heart organ, whilst not treating the ’cause’ – the body-injury-elsewhere or Origin-Point-Injury occuring in the upper back region.

The success rate of OPR (Origin Point Resuscitation) is close to 100%. The pressure is applied on the Origin Points on the upper back which have treatment coverage over the organs like heart and lungs on the front of the body.