For the two situations below OPM is not effective :

* Body-Injury-Local.
Sudden injuries – like shoulder dislocation, stepping on a nail, knife penetration & fish bone stuck deep in the throat – cannot be treated with OPM. No amount of origin point massage can pop-back the arm into the shoulder joint or dislodge the fish bone in the throat.

* 24-Hour-Symptoms.
This refers to the symptom that affects the body non-stop, all the time, day & night. Tinitis ringing in the ear, floaters in the eyes, disorders in the ‘head’ like Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Multiple System Atrophy, coma, etc.

For 24-Hour-Symptoms, OPM still offers hope in some cases where practitioners & patients persist with healing. The emphasis is placed on building up patient’s heat-energy with 24-hour heat therapy, very strong dosage of ginger soup and daily antui massage. Read the case – ‘comatised granny wakes up‘.

Dr Chang also reminds students/patients not to have blind faith in him and think that ‘everything’ will be okay once they see him in consultation. Success in OPM treatment depends very much on patient’s effort & cooperation in doing regular exercises, sleeping early, having positive thinking, massaging antui origin points, doing wenfu heat therapy, drinking jiangtang ginger soup, avoiding cold/chilled foods, drinks, medicine, raw food/fruits, etc.