Emergency OPR – Origin Point Resuscitation

Scores of emergency resuscitation cases (heart attack, stroke & epilepsy) have been carried out by OPM learners successfully and without side effects.

Using OPR, instead of CPR, patients need not suffer broken ribs or damage to the lung or heart.

Using OPR, instead of brain surgery to remove blood clot or release pressure build up, patients need not suffer paralysis or brain damage.

Video recording of Heart Attack patient revived with Origin Point Resuscitation

Dr Liu, an expert TCM practitioner who has converted to practicing OPM, was in Cambodia to conduct OPM training to a mass audience.

A Cambodian woman in the audience collapsed due to heart attack (myocardial infarction).

Watch the video (Chinese & Cambodian languages) from 1:30 to 7:30 mm:ss where Dr Liu applied Origin Point Resuscitation on her upperback OPs and head OPs.

The woman actually regained consciousness (groaned) around one and a half minute (2:30 to 3:55) after Dr Liu started the OPR procedure.