(1) The cause (the origin) of illness
(2) The methods of treatment
[The following chart and text are translations based on page 13 & 14 of The Origin Point Medicine Chinese Handbook published in Jan 2015]

Origin Point Medicine

​​Origin Point Medicine arises from abandoning preconceptions, starting from scratch, trusting solutions found & feedback from thousands of patients over the years rather than conflicting conventional medical knowledge. Effective treatments are compiled & analysed, finally resulting in locating & grouping the most effective origin points into one region covering both sides of the entire spine and seven specific regions (refer to the handbook section on Origin Point Massage Techniques). The theory of OPM can be summarised into two sections – the origin or cause of illness and the methods of treatment.


The cause (the origin) of illness  can be explained by using the concepts of CAUSE, CONDITIONS & EFFECT.

The human body is viewed as the CAUSE (source). The CAUSE can be hurt or wounded (wounded-cause). The types of wounded-cause are Body-injury-elsewhere (Origin Point Injury), Body-injury-local and Heat-energy-deficiency.

CONDITIONS refer to contributing factors such as antui massage, heat pad, food, medication, fatigue, emotions, environment, etc.

EFFECTS refer to symptoms of illnesses, medical indicators resulting from instrumental analysis or measurements, names of medical symptoms and their erroneous explanations for the causes of illnesses or diseases.

BODY-INJURY can be either Body-injury-elsewhere or Body-injury-local. Only BODY-INJURY can directly create the symptoms of illnesses, diseases or disorders.

CONDITIONS can directly create BODY-INJURY which makes the symptom of illness appear. CONDITIONS can also indirectly create BODY-INJURY through lowering body’s heat-energy level. Heat-energy-deficiency creates BODY-INJURY which in turn makes the symptom of illness appear.

So, for the CAUSE (our body) to produce the EFFECT (the symptom of illness), it must be ‘assisted’ by the CONDITIONS (contributing factors) to produce the BODY-INJURY. Similarly, for the CONDITIONS to influence the EFFECT (result), it must be assisted by the body mechanism operating in the CAUSE (the body). A stand-alone CAUSE or CONDITIONS could not produce any EFFECT. For an EFFECT (symptom of illness) to manifest, both CAUSE and CONDITIONS must be present.

One should not mistaken CONDITIONS with the CAUSE (e.g. mistaking extreme weather to be the cause for having a cold or heat stroke). Or, mistaking the EFFECT to be the CAUSE (e.g. mistaking a tumour to be the cause of ache/pain in some part of the body). Such erroneous views result in claiming that an EFFECT (symptom A) produces another EFFECT (symptom B), or to forsake the CAUSE (body’s self-healing mechanism) when emphasising the importance of CONDITIONS (medication, massage) in healing the EFFECT (symptom of illness).


When we treat a patient, we must focus on treating the CAUSE (the body) while harnessing various favourable CONDITIONS (contributing factors) to improve the body’s energy level and to eradicate BODY-INJURY. When the CAUSE changes for the better, the EFFECT changes for the better, treating and healing becomes easy; when we discard the CAUSE to pursue the EFFECT, we are looking for trouble and a wise person knows that.