Four Years of Morning Back Pain & Breathing Difficulty
Healed with One OPM Massage


For the past four years Lissette was waking up with sore back & breathing difficulty.

On a pain scale from a min of 1 to a max of 10, she described the back pain to be 6/10 in the mornings when she woke up. The locations of the back pain were along the thoracic, lumbar & sacrum vertebrae. She also felt restricted in her chest & lungs resulting in difficulty breathing.

Lissette endured the pain and didn’t seek medical treatment thinking that the cause of pain was due to very mild kyphoscoliosis diagnosed in her teens. Kyphoscoliosis is described as an abnormal curvature of the back bone in both front-to-back directions (kyphosis) and sideway direction (scoliosis).


On 4 Sep 2013, I applied light to moderate pressure on her upper and lower back Origin Points. Soon after I started the treatment she could breath easier. Following the treatment she was waking up in the mornings without back pain.

Analysis & OPM Principle

This case can be used to highlight that the ‘origination of illness’ lies in Origin-point-injury and isn’t due to curved/misaligned bones or other symptoms of diseases. Read the ’cause of illness’ principle here.

Popular medical knowledge lead us to believe that there is no cure symptoms of pain brought about by another ‘incurable’ curved bone problem. This case shows that the curvature of the backbone may have contributed to the tightening or tension in the Origin Points, but it is not the cause of the back pain.

The cause of the back pain/chest restriction lies in the Origin Point Injury – those corresponding Origin Points that have been injured/tightened. When the Origin Point injury is removed, the back pain symptom disappeared although the curved bone remains.