40 years of Arm paralysis, Knee flexion pain and
20 years of Vitiligo cured with Origin Points Medicine

Fat & long vs Thin & short
Vitiligo - whole body affected
Paralysed right arm since birth now raised above 90 degrees
Knee flexion - before.
Knee flexion - after.
Normal skin colour replacing previous white spots
Weight before OPM - 65 kg
Weight after OPM - 57 kg


Ms Cheng described her physical condition as follows:

Firstly, my right hand: my elders told me that when I was born my right arm would sag when they held me in their arms. It happened so many times that they were sure my right arm had a problem. Indeed, as I grew up, I discovered that my right arm suffered from muscle atrophy (reduced mass, wasting away), was too weak to rise up and had no strength to perform any task.

Secondly, my right leg: I was about eight months old when I was given the cowpox inoculation on my right thigh. The ulceration resulting from the inoculation would not heal. Later treatments included surgical incisions to introduce drugs into the tendons of my limbs. When I grew older, my right leg was thinner and shorter than the left.

My right knee has severe degenerative arthritis and deformity that took away my ability to bend my knee or to squat easily. Before the weather turned bad, my knee would know beforehand serving as a weather barometer. Walking was very uncomfortable and there was an intermittent pain in the knee.

Image 1 – Legs: Fat & thin vs Thin & short

These problems at my right hand and leg have accompanied me for nearly half a century. The pain & discomfort have integrated to become part of my life and I have learned to take it lightly.

Another problem – systemic vitiligo (white spots – whole body). I was 26 years old during the spring of 1992 when I suddenly found a white spot on my left thumb. I was young and did not care too much. In my early thirties the white spots has spread to my face, the limbs and the trunk. I started visiting every dermatologist who was introduced to me. Once, after taking the pills (suspected to be steroids) prescribed by a doctor in Kaohsiung city, my face became swollen like a ‘full moon’! Then I had two years of dermatology light treatments at the National Taiwan University Hospital with little effectiveness. I gave up any hope of healing my vitiligo disease.

Image 2 – Severe vitiligo (white spots)

August 30, 2011 (at 46 years old). On my first day back at work at school I collapsed on the floor while sweeping it. I was conscious but my body couldn’t move. After calling for an ambulance service I was admitted to the Wan Fang Hospital emergency unit. The results of the medical examinations didn’t show anything abnormal in my body.

September 26, 2011: I collapsed in front of some shops on Roosevelt Road while on my way home. This time the ambulance service took me to the Defence Forces Hospital emergency room. Again, medical examinations didn’t find anything abnormal in my body.

September 28, 2011: After visiting a psychologist at the hospital I found out that I had a panic disorder. The psychologist scheduled regular consultations for me and prescribed anti-depression drugs.   After taking the drugs my body was feeling limp so I decided to stop the medication. Thereafter I prepared some Chinese herbal soup and drank it twice a day for two months. My physical conditions slightly improved.


Mid-May, 2012: Through my cousin’s contact I met Professor Du who then introduced me to C.C.H. Medical Foundation.

The Foundation’s volunteers (trained Origin Point therapists) patiently massaged me and taught me the theory and principles of Origin Point Medicine. I learned about the benefits of drinking warm ginger soup (internal heat source) and applying heat pad (external heat source).  I started to exercise daily and conscientiously watched the DVDs containing series of lectures & demonstrations given by Dr Chang. Within weeks, I experienced improvements in various parts of my body.

The first positive result was my right hand gaining strength and flexibility; unconsciously I began using my right hand doing various chores, such as shampooing, holding chopsticks & spoons to eat or drink, cutting vegetables with a knife. These seemingly simple things in life had been very challenging for me before.  But two months of the origin point massage released the tension at a specific origin point located next to ​​my right shoulder blade. With C.C.H. Foundation trained volunteers  applying the origin point massage techniques and my daily arm & hand exercises  (pushing hand horizontally, raising the arm upward, expanding chest  and other movements) – my right hand regained its flexibility and sensitivity slowly and could be raised higher and higher.

Image 3 – Right hand – able to raise more than 90 degrees

Next positive result – the right leg.  My right knee is no longer in pain. I can flex my knee further to a greater bending angle.

Images 4 & 5 – Comparing knee flexion before & after OPM treatment

The most amazing result is the gradual disappearance of the white spots (vitiligo) from my face, arms and legs. This reduction of white spots is most obvious on my face.

Image 6 – Normal skin colour replacing the previously white patches.

The intervals between each onset of my panic disorder symptom have prolonged, thanks to the Foundation volunteers whom I am greatly thankful.

In a short three-month period (during which I drank ginger soup, exercised and received origin point massage), my weight has reduced from 65 kg to 57 kg. My physical and mental states significantly improved.   I am grateful to everyone in the Foundation for their loving kindness & relentless effort in helping the sick.  I will continue to strive to thank you.

Images 7 & 8 – Weight 65 kg vs 57 kg

Ms Cheng, Taipei