Origin Point Therapy wakes up 85 year old Granny from Coma

On July 13, 2012, Dr Chang arrived at San Francisco to give a speech. Once there, in Dr. Chang’s words, he received a big gift on top of the organisers’ warm reception. What was the big gift?

As the story goes…in San Francisco, there was an elderly lady who was stated by conventional western medicine to be in comma for six weeks. When her son, who is very devoted, learned about Origin Point Medicine he immediately started applying the origin point massage on his mother. At hourly intervals every day, he massaged the elderly lady’s origin points at the back of her head/ear lobe. After just a few weeks, his persistency in applying origin points massage has paid off – his mother woke up from the comma! This was a great surprise and brought great joy to her family. Initially, upon waking up, she couldn’t talk, eat or move her limbs. However, with continued origin point massage by her son, she can now talk, sit up and eat solid foods.

After Dr Chang heard the news his fatigue after a long flight got swept away. To hear that a patient has been cured from a desperate situation was exciting news and a big gift for Dr Chang.

The power of Origin Point Medicine has been demonstrated once again. We are deeply grateful to Dr Chang. Origin Point enables desperate patients to regain a new life.

Remember, Dr Chang had mentioned in his speech, even for desperate (medical) situations, if we continue to work on it, a miracle can happen. As healers, we must be compassionate and adopt a positive attitude, not abandoning patients, not causing despair. We must put in all our resources, fight to our last breath, in this world, miracles can happen!

[C.C.H. Medical Foundation July 14, 2012]