Madam Liu’s mother-in-law (let’s call her Po-Po or granny), aged 77, suffers from dementia for many years. Her symptoms include irritability, impaired recognition, inability to speak clearly, being dull and drowsy during the day and experiencing insomnia during the night. When they came to the free clinic in Beijing during the Spring Festival, they also brought with them the medicine prescribed for her mental condition.

Ms Liu, a devoted daughter-in-law, was determined to improve her mother-in-law’s condition. She enrolled in our Origin Point hands-on technique class.


Starting early March, Ms Liu gave Po-Po origin point massages at the back of her head two to three times a day. Warm compression was also applied on Po-Po to increase her body’s heat-energy. Sometimes, when Po-Po had constipation, Ms Liu would massage her sacral origin points to help with her bowel movements. Even though Po-Po refused to drink ginger soup, much of her symptoms have relieved within a month of treatment. Starting from early April, Ms Liu gradually reduced Po-Po’s medication. Her husband initially objected to stopping medication but consented after observing his mother having no adverse reaction.


It has been two months since Po-Po stopped medication and her condition continues to improve gradually. Previously she could not recognise Ms Liu, now she can occasionally recognise her.

Previously she couldn’t talk properly, now she can have a simple phone conversation with her relatives.  This is something that her relatives dared not to dream of in the past few years.

I really admire and respect Ms Liu for what she did for her mother-in-law.  It is rare to find such a devoted daughter-in-law.

When sharing her experiences with us, Ms Liu said she found the origin point technique to be really effective, and that applying warm compress is essential.